Be aware of rainy season diseases.

Now it is rainy seasons goes in our country. It may stay 2 to 4 months. Theoretically in bangle ‘Asar’ & ‘Sraban’ is rainy season. But due to change in weather, it may stay more than 2 months. In rainy season there are many disease affected human body. So we have to be aware of rainy season diseases.
The most common monsoon disease is diahorrea which is a typical water borne disease. The second common ailment is cold and fever due to getting drenched in rains. Other common diseases are cholera caused due to contaminated food and water. Jaundice, typhoid, dengue, malaria, viral diseases.
Use umbrella or rain coat every day before going your destination. Try to drink pure water. Drink water which is boiled one. If you think that you have diaherrea then oral saline. Try to eat fresh meal every day. Use your room temperate in your comfortable condition. Change your cloth if you get wet. It may save you from getting cold.

You can use ‘Simul’ leave if you get in fever. Eat simple food for digest soon. Keep some saline your home every time. Enjoy every day of rainy day. Be aware of rainy season diseases.

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