Stress & Frustration

Stress: Stress is a condition of strain on one’s emotion, thought processes, and with physical condition. When it is excessive, it can threaten one’s ability to cope with the environment. “Stress” is the general term applied to the pressures people feel in life. People who are stressed may become nervous and develop chronic worry. They are easily provoked to anger and are unable to relax. They may be uncooperative or use alcohol or drugs excessively.
Symptoms of stress:
# High blood pressure,
# Nervousness and tension,
# Chronic worry,
# Inability to relax,
# Excessive use of alcohol, drugs and/or smoking,
# Problems with sleep,
# Uncooperative attitudes,
# Feeling of inability to cope,
# Emotional instability,
# Digestive problems.
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Be aware of rainy season diseases.

Now it is rainy seasons goes in our country. It may stay 2 to 4 months. Theoretically in bangle ‘Asar’ & ‘Sraban’ is rainy season. But due to change in weather, it may stay more than 2 months. In rainy season there are many disease affected human body. So we have to be aware of rainy season diseases.
The most common monsoon disease is diahorrea which is a typical water borne disease. The second common ailment is cold and fever due to getting drenched in rains. Other common diseases are cholera caused due to contaminated food and water. Jaundice, typhoid, dengue, malaria, viral diseases. Continue reading “Be aware of rainy season diseases.” »

Coffee cuts in slices risk of lethal prostate cancer

Prostate cancer is a form of cancer that develops in the prostate, a gland in the male reproductive system.
Man who drinks six or more cups per day had a 60% lower risk of developing the most lethal type of prostate cancer and a 20% lower risk of forming any type of prostate cancer compared to men who did not drink coffee, it said by the researcher of the Harvard School of Public Health.
Drinking coffee cuts in slices the risk of lethal prostate cancer.
A blood test can detect it early, and the cancer can be graded on what is known as a Gleason score; the higher the score the more likely the cancer is to spread.
Risk factors are typically linked to Western high-fat diets, heredity, alcohol and exposure to chemicals.
The lower risk seen in coffee drinkers remained even after researchers allowed for other factors that typically boost risk and were more often seen in coffee drinkers than in abstainers, such as smoking and failure to exercise.
So drink more coffee to cuts risk of lethal prostate cancer.

Release form constipation

Constipation is one of the most common condition in the world. The normal regularity of bowel movements varies widely from person to person, from once or more a day to three times a week. In general, however, you are likely constipated if you pass a hard, dry stool less than three times a week.
Constipation can also make you feel bloated and uncomfortable and you may find yourself straining during bowel movements.
‘The definition of constipation includes the following:
1.Infrequent bowel movements (typically three times or fewer per week)
2.Difficulty during defecation (straining during more than 25% of bowel movements or a subjective sensation of hard stools), or
3.The sensation of incomplete bowel evacuation.’ [..collected from Wikipedia]

Causes of constipation are:
Lot of labor, awake in night, taking drugs, age problem, night pass, over spam going , eating unusual food & Crimi etc.
কারণ : দৈহিক পরিশ্রম, রাত্রি জাগরণ, মাদকদ্রব্য সেবন, বার্দ্ধক্য, শুক্রক্ষয়, অহিতকর দ্রব্য ভোজন, স্বপ্নদোষ, ক্রিমি প্রভৃতি কারণে কোষ্ঠবদ্ধতা জন্মে।
Symptoms of this constipation are:
Headache , head pain, feeling fever, unwillingness to take food, unhappiness etc
লক্ষণ : এই রোগে মাথাব্যথা, মাথাভার, জ্বরভাব, অরুচি, নিরানন্দ, নিরুৎসাহ প্রভৃতি দেখা দেয়।
Although constipation can affect anyone, it’s more common in women and in people over age 65. It also tends to occur during pregnancy, after childbirth or surgery, with certain medications such as opioid pain relievers, and with some conditions such as multiple sclerosis.
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