How to keep away from Hair Loss

In my last article I have told that Hair loss is normal matter. Man’s Hair Loss
An estimated 85 percent of hair loss is inherent, but other factors, such as nourishment, overall healthiness, hormone insufficiency, over coloring of hair and emotional stress, can be controlled somewhat.

Here are some tips to keep away form Hair Loss:

1 .Clean your hair on regular basis on with deep conditioner.Take long breath.

2. Eat a Balance Diet which helps you to keep away form hair loss. Don’t any certain vitamins much more.Control your eating habitues also.

3. Look after your health form chronic illness and high fevers and infections which may contribute to hair loss.


5. Stay away from harsh chemicals – permanent hair color and perms are the most damaging – and avoid coloring your hair more than once every six to eight weeks.You may use natural color.

6. Use normal hairstyle which is less stretch and pull hair.
Hair loss
7. Keep in mind that normally every person lose hair between 40 to 150 hairs per day.

8. Take a complete rest at night.

9. Make tension free your mind, as stress are causes of hair loss.

10.Wake up at early in the morning. And drink a glass of water before going to toilet. It helps to clear your bowels.

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