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Welcome to online care. Here in this section you can ask your question. But if you need some treatment seriously then please tell every thing about your problem. And off course tell your age, and marriage status and other related forms of  information which is necessary for answering your question.

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  1. There are many medicines regarding to improve of duration of copulation.
    There are many herbal institutions who are produces such good medicine. you may find many names. Here i do express some.
    Improve the duration of copulation(বীর্যস্তম্ভ)
    পুর্ন চন্দ্র রস,
    কামিনী বিদ্রাবণ রস,
    মহেশ্বর রস,
    মন্থথাভ্র রস,
    সিদ্ধ মকরধ্বজ
    above all medicine are produced by শক্তি ঔষধালয়. But may find many other medicine with similar name by other herbal producer.

  2. আমি যৌন মিলন করলে ১ম বার ৪ মিঃ ২বার ৭ মিঃ ৩য় বার ১৭ মিঃ করতে পারি । আমার যৌন অংগো কিছুটা আগা গড়া অসমান ।আমি হস্তমৈথন ও করি ।আমার ওষৌধ কি ?

  3. you need to go to a real herbal consultant as you have not express you full condition here. The first thing i am able to tell you that you need to control your mind form masturbate. there are many medicines in herbal form which are very good increase your sex duration brother…

  4. পরর্মশ গুলো ভাই দয়া করে বাংলায় দিয়েন

  5. Hello
    I am MA Khaleque 24 years old(unmarried).I have been suffering from sex disease since my adolescence and I cant make out whether it is my inborn disease.My sperm is thin like water and it comes out even at a little agitation.My penis is too short and it has got shrinkage at the lower side.I am habituated to masturbating.I have taken huge treatments from many places irrespective of kabiraji, homeopathy, herbal and MBBS but no treatment came to any use. Is this an incurable disease?Please suggest me what I can do now.

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