premature ejaculation

While people often laugh about it, living with premature ejaculation (PE) is no joke.

We recognize the very real problems PE can cause for both men and their partners, and how important the internet can be as a source of information for sensitive subjects like this one. However, developments in PE research are happening all the time, and not all websites carry up-to-date, accurate information you can trust. That’s why we’ve developed this website; to help give you a source of balanced, easily understood information on this common condition. We also know that it can be tempting to go online and buy the treatments for PE you see advertised on the internet or in the media. While this may seem like a good idea, the reality is that buying medical treatments online exposes you to the risk of being mis-sold expensive, ineffective and potentially dangerous imitation treatments whose safety and efficacy you cannot be sure of. The fact is that the internet is only a starting point and it is your doctor that is the best place to get information on PE and access to safe and effective treatment that best suits your needs.

Because we can all find it difficult to talk about these things, we’ve included some tips on how to talk with your doctor about PE here, and advice on the most likely treatments you may receive here.

Whether you’re a man who thinks he may have PE or the partner of such a man, you can access the information you need by clicking on the links in the boxes on the left. PE can be a distressing condition, but it is also treatable. By equipping yourself with the information on this site you can get started on the path to successfully dealing with PE.
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