Removing redundant hair!

Today the entire human tries to remove the redundant hair from their body. Basically, the popularity of removes as much hair as possible is an fashion today. By shaving, waxing & plucking are the methods of removing the unnecessary hair form your body. But there are natural home therapy that can be less ruthless.

1.Haldi & Beson
A mixture of haldi and bason will naturally remove hair. Mix the haldi and bason with water and apply it to the area of unnecessary hair. Allow it to dry and gently rub it off.

2. Lemon, Sugar & Honey
Lemon, sugar and honey is a useful combination for removing hair. Mix the lemon, sugar and honey in a bowl, and microwave on high for two to three minutes. After the mixture has been heated, rub a thin layer onto the area of unwanted hair. Using a piece of fabric, cover the thin layer and rub it the opposite way of the hair growth. Pull the fabric off quickly to remove the hair.

3. Pumice Stone
While bathing use soap and scrub the area of redundant hair with a pumice stone. Though this takes a longer amount of time for hair removal, the hair will in the end diminish.

4. Spearmint Tea
Sometimes surplus hair is caused by high levels of testosterone, especially in women. Spearmint tea can help lower the testosterone levels. Drinking one to two cups daily can help reduce and remove surplus facial hair.

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