Burning sensation in urethra after ejaculation..!

Sometimes my patient asked me that they feel pain after having sex with his partner. Sometimes after having ejaculate, he may feel uncomfortable burning sensation in his urethra that last one or two minutes and then goes away. May be you do feel the same sometimes after having sex or masturbate. The common fact is if you have ejaculation you feel burning and get pressure to pee. If it happens then a question comes in your mind that weather it is problem or not. Then you have such a condition that you don’t sure about that. Someone goes to local doctor and don’t get any suitable answer also.
Today, our discussion matter is why that burning is happens any how to reduce or remove that pain after having sex.
Many times when a man is tugging a bit too hard, you will have the sensation to urinate that won’t go away. This urination is a natural reflex of the body to clean out your canals per say. The constant feeling of urination is the body’s natural reaction to the harsh conditions your penis just faced. The burning is from the lubrication getting into the head.
burn ejaculation
If STD(sexually transmitted disease)s are not the problem, it could be a urinary tract infection. UTIs happen when you try to “hold it” for a too long or foreign bacterium gets introduced into the urethra. Symptoms include burning when trying to urinate; itchiness, cloudy and foul smelling urine, and feeling like you have to go but only a little coming out.
It’s not at all unusual to have a burning sensation with urination immediately or shortly after ejaculation – especially if you ejaculated more than once. It usually just means that the urethra is irritated by the force of those ejaculations. It also leads to the desire to urinate.
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