A nutritious drink matcha green tea.

Matcha green tea is a nutritious drink.  In Japan’s formal tea ceremony Matcha green tea is  used in powdered form. “Tencha” is the base name of unpowdered form of the matcha green tea.Top-grade matcha is a bright shade of green. Matcha green tea is the tea to go with desserts and japans confections .The lighter green varieties are sweeter and the darker ones more astringent. When the new shoots on the tea bush have two or three leaves,they are shaded from sunlight with straw, reed, or cloth screens for two or three weeks. Continue reading “A nutritious drink matcha green tea.” »

What is green tea?

Green tea is a popular drink  in today’s world. It is mostly use in Japan, India, Chinese and Indonesia. Green tea does not mean that the color of tea will be green!
Green tea is also called unfermented tea which means the fresh tea leaves are not oxidized during processing and the green color is retained. Immediately after being picked, the leaves are steamed to neutralize the oxidizing enzyme. Once oxidation and browning have been halted the leaves are rolled into thin needle shapes and dried. This process effectively seals in the all the nutritional components of the leaf. The method does not demolish the vitamin ‘C’ in the leaves, which is one of the main grounds green tea is considered better for the health.
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