Acupuncture treatment as a cure for Insomnia

Traditional Chinese medicine scrutiny insomnia as a result of a deficiency or surplus of energy in the organs of the body, especially when the surplus or deficiency occurs in the kidneys and heart. There are many causes of Insomnia. When the kidneys’ capacity to store energy is compromised, the energy ascends and disturbs the heart, keeping the person awake. Violent emotions and improper diet can exhaust the liver and kidneys, causing sleeplessness.

Acupuncture, a traditional Chinese remedy, is seen as a valuable addition to the common treatments for insomnia. With the growing concern about the side effects of pharmacological insomnia treatment, the excellent tolerability and safety profile of acupuncture increases its potential utility in curing this sleeping disorder.
With the growing need for non-pharmacological interventions in attempting to change sleep hygiene and habits, acupuncture presents a non-invasive and relatively side-effect-free solution to insomnia. Prescriptions of acupuncture will depend on the severity of the insomnia condition and on the clinical scenario and style or approaches of acupuncture practiced by a physician. Each patient will be assessed to determine the factors contributing to the sleep disturbance. From the clinical standpoint, insomnia or sleeplessness result from a deficiency of endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers. The main acupuncture insomnia benefit is increased endorphin levels in the central nervous system, which is helpful in relieving sleeplessness or achieving quality sleep.